Develop a routine that supports a healthy lifestyle. 

Coach Elaine will help you develop a healthy lifestyle. She has developed a new program called VIBE based on her years working as a personal trainer and her own need for a new approach to fitness.

According to Coach Elaine, everyone has a relationship with fitness. Some people have a healthy relationship and others struggle with it either because exercise has become addictive or it has never been something they enjoyed.

Application Process

The program starts with an application to understanding your relationship with fitness and how best to help you. The application process helps Coach Elaine determine whether you really need her help or if you just needed some feedback or encouragement to continue on your own. The only right answer to the application process is the right answer for you.

The VIBE Program

If the VIBE program is the right solution to help sort out your relationship and you’re ready to make the commitment, this is what you can expect over the first 2 months.

1/ Weekly calls with Coach Elaine to step you through the VIBE program.

2/ Personal training sessions as needed to help you develop a workout program that will address your needs and issues.

3/ Encouragement and suggestions on how to change your program to achieve your goals and work in a way that is consistent with your values.

4/ Final assessment at the end of the two months with the option to continue on a maintenance plan or take full control of your program.


Are you wondering what VIBE stands for:

1/ Vision: Gain clarity for what you want to achieve and how you envision experiencing your life.

2/ Inspire: Identify what inspires you and so that your program incorporates activities and workouts you enjoy. Enjoyment increases your focus and enhances your experience of movement.

3/ Build: Develop a program that will address your physical, emotional and nutritional needs and one that your doctor will approve.

4/ Embody: Experience life the way you want to feel and achieve your goals with the support of Coach Elaine.


The VIBE program requires a commitment both of time and money. The first 2 months cost $1500 and monthly maintenance after the initial program runs $300.

If it is something that you want to do, put it into your healthcare budget for next year. If you need financial assistance, maybe add it to your Christmas wishlist. Is there anything better than getting [or giving] something that could transform your life in a meaningful way?

If your mind is made up, start your application process now.

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