Justin Grinius shares why he started doing Record Suspension Training, what you can expect from a Redcord workout and the benefits of the workout.

1. Why did you decide to specialize in Record?
I discovered Redcord while addressing my own back issues. It helped to reeducate my body about how to engage my smaller muscles in everyday movement and was the perfect compliment to my Pilates workouts.

I decided to focus my practice on Redcord because so many people suffer with chronic back and neck pain.  I wanted to use my own experience and everything that I have learned to help others who are currently suffering with chronic pain and to help athletes and others address functional issues that will eventually cause them pain.

2. What is the main difference between Redcord and other suspension training methods?
Redcord is very targeted work that gets you in-tune with muscles that have gone dormant. Instead of two straps being attached to a single anchor, the cords are attached to a pulley system. The system has a variety of attachments that allow for a great range of motion and variety of exercises designed to strengthen and challenge the body.

3. What can a new client expect during their first training session?
Redcord is challenging but not in the traditional sense of a “hard workout”.  Redcord workouts focus on activating smaller stabilizing muscles needed for good posture and form. You don’t need to do a lot of reps to feel the benefits of Redcord. That’s probably the most surprising thing for new clients.

4. How long does it take to see noticeable results?
Results vary but on average within 5 sessions people see remarkable difference in how they feel and look. Within 10 sessions, most are hooked and want to do more.

5. Can you take Record as a group class?
Redcord classes focus on quality of movement and alignment.  Most of my group classes are limited to 2-3 people so that everyone gets the attention they need for maximum benefit.  As more people learn Redcord, I’ll offer larger group classes.

6. Is it hard to learn the ropes?
It takes a couple of sessions for clients to get familiar with the exercises, make the connections within their body needed to do the exercises correctly and work their own ropes.  Most enjoy the process of learning Redcord.

Interested in trying Redcord? Check out the schedule for Rebalanced SF to purchase a session.  If you’re new to Redcord, start with a private session.

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