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Take a few minutes now to learn how the blog is organized, what’s covered and how to connect with others in the community to derive the most benefit.


How the blog is organized


The Wellbeing Blog is organized according to the framework from the book Designing your Life written by Stanford University professors Bill Burnett and Dave Evans. The framework is referred to as a compass and provides a simple way to think about your life. The compass has four parts: Health, Work, Love and Play. The simplicity of the compass is why the blog is organized in a similar way and what makes it a helpful resource for you.  


Step 1: Assess your Life

Take a few minutes to think about each part of your compass on a scale of 1-5 [with 5 meaning needs work] and write down your scores for future reference.


How to use the blog to enhance your wellbeing


The Wellbeing Blog has over 250 posts with insights and links to additional resources for enhancing your health and wellbeing. The information is updated regularly and new insights are added each week. As you read posts, use your design thinking skills to test and incorporate lifestyle changes that are sustainable for your life now. Continue reading and making changes as your life evolves so that you realize your goals and bloom. 


Why healthcare is covered on the blog


Healthcare is an important part of maintaining good health which is why it’s covered. I have a strong understanding of how healthcare systems work from working as a healthcare executive and consultant. My network of physicians and complimentary care providers including therapists, chiropractors and acupuncturists contribute their expertise so that you understand what they do and how they can also support your journey to better health and wellbeing. 


Step 2: Get Started

If you’re ready to start, explore the menus and/or search the blog for topics of interest to you. For more guidance, read the post about why you should do an annual self-care assessment and do the self-care survey.


How to connect with the community


Comments are not enabled on the blog due to the amount of spammers. However, you can comment, share and invite others to join the Pilates & community on your favorite social media site. Inviting others to share your journey or start their own helps you gain the support needed to succeed. The links for the Pilates & pages are located in the bottom banner so that it’s easy for you to find them. Live classes are another great way for you to connect with the community. Sign up for a live online class or Community Mat to connect with friends, colleagues and the community or create a custom Community Mat offering for your company or event. 


Stay connected


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Step 3: Sign up for your free subscription

The welcome email has a summary of resources to help you start your journey and it’s also free when you create your free account below. Check your junk box if it doesn’t arrive in your inbox.


Contribute to the blog


If you’re interested in contributing to the blog, please provide your name, credentials and a link to your website or professional profile as well as a brief outline of the topic you want to contribute on the contact us form below.


Last updated: April 15, 2024


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