A new pill that could extend your life by 50 years.

Think about how it could change your life. If you ask people in their 40’s and 50’s if they would like to live life over, most will say — only if I can take everything that I’ve learned about life with me back to the start.

Well for those turning 50 soon, you may get your chance for a do-over of sorts. The new pill is expected to be available soon. Reportedly, it will enable your body to regrow and restore the function of your organs all for the price of a cup of coffee.

Think about it.

1/ Fertility

If you’re close to 50, the thought of having children now may not seem all that appealing or even possible. Many people at 50 are counting their years to retirement and not really interested in taking on big financial commitments like children. Those who decide to have children later in life usually choose a younger mate or someone with children.

What happens if you didn’t have to consider age related fertility status or feel limited by our current life expectancy. Would you make different choices?

2/ Prime Years

When most people think about extending life, they think about having their retirement years extended rather than their prime years. Prime years now are between the ages of 18-35 when people are most able bodied.

What happens if the definition of prime years are extended or redefined altogether? Think about everything that you have learned, done and achieved since 35. If you had the energy, strength and drive of your younger self plus the knowledge you have now, would you be thinking about retirement or what’s next?

3/ Purpose and Reinvention

If you google “50 is the new 30”, you’ll notice two words — purpose and reinvention. Purpose is what gives life meaning. Reinvention is a process that allows us to change course when something doesn’t work out or we get bored. A lucky few, like Warren Buffet, will be content doing what they do now until their last breath. However, the majority of people are in jobs that are a stepping stone to something else.

What happens if the retirement age is extended by 50 years? The opportunity cost of a few years isn’t a big deal when you double the length of your productive years. You may dread the thought but take a minute and think about all the ways you could reinvent yourself. Would it change the way you think about acquiring education, trying new careers, working for new types of companies and organizations or even making the leap to start a new business? 

It could be truly life changing!


For those struggling to cram every life experience into their prime years and for those feeling limited by their current reality, I hope you are inspired to think about all the new options your future might hold.

Just remember, your actual life expectancy is a function of your lifestyle and genomics. A little self-care makes a big difference in the quality and length of your life pill or no pill.

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