Self-care gear to make your feet feel good.


If you can’t bare weight or if it hurts to bare weight on your feet, it’s much harder to maintain good health and move forward in life. It’s worth investing your time and money in good shoes and products for your feet.


These self-care products will help keep the your feet healthy and keep your body in good alignment as you move through your day.


Five self-care foot products that are worth your money


1/ Neuro Ball


The Neuro Ball will help stretch and stimulate the nerves in your feet. It’s especially good for those experiencing balance issues and/or neuropathy. A short YouTube video will show you how to use it.


2/ Superfeet


SuperFeet are great for all types of sports. Visit the website and do the assessment to help select the right insole for your foot and sport. New customers save 10% on orders purchased direct from their website.


Plus SuperFeet is a mission driven company that gives a portion of their sales to an initiative important to you and selected by you. They are embracing the B Corp model of doing well and doing good.


3/ Naboso Neuro Insoles


For those with balance and/or neuropathy issues, the Naboso Neuro Insoles are a good option. They were developed by a Podiatrist and recommended by a physical therapist.


Similar to the Neuro Ball, the insoles are designed to enhance your balance by stimulating the nerves in your feet. They are expensive but worth the money especially if they give you or a loved one more confidence to move or prevent a fall. The health benefits of movement is essential to life.


4/ Berkenstock


The brand is still recommended by foot specialists because the footbed is designed for foot health and wellbeing.


For many, Berkenstocks are a summer essential. The sandals are easy to slip on and off quickly as you transition between indoor and outdoor venues as well as comfortable for standing in place at a BBQ or summer concert.


If you haven’t already, the Birkenstock web-site is worth visiting. There are more styles for more seasons than you might realize. Plus they have a skincare line with products specifically formulated for hands and feet.


5/ Conair Foot Bath


The Conair Waterfall Foot Pedicure Spa is big enough for those with longer than average feet and has several tools and features for softening skin and stimulating your feet. If you don’t like baths or professional pedicures, this a good option for maintaining the skin on your feet.


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