Tips to help you get out and [re]build your social life.


If Home Alone 2 captioned your holiday season this year and/or you’re craving a more robust social life, these tips will help  – and keep you healthy.


1/ Join a dating site to expand your social network. 


Whether you’re wanting a lasting relationships or some new friendships, dating sites can facilitate introductions. Use the description area to state the nature of your interest and share a few relevant details about you.


2/ Put some thought into your selection of photos.


Pictures speak a thousand words. If you’re planning to use selfies, invest in a tripod and find some interesting backgrounds around your home or outside to help tell your story. Tripods can be purchased from Amazon and are really inexpensive.


3/ Initiate a conversation.


Start with a simple hello, comment on their photos and/or interests and try to end with a question. If you get a response, ask them what they like to do for fun in the current season. Why? Downhill skiing isn’t feasible for a first meeting if it’s the middle of summer. You’re trying to identify common interests so that you can ask them to join you for something mutually enjoyable.


4/ Invite them on a date.


Remember that the dating site is just a means of an introduction so once the door is open, invite them on a date. Get creative with the outdoor activities, unique dining experiences, seasonal activities, museum exhibits and other types of shows or exhibits. Public exhibits hosted indoors will likely require masks and advance booking to help keep you both Covid safe.


Once you’ve settled on something, thing about ways to make it a special experience for the other person. It’s an investment but a good relationship requires an investment of time and resources. As the old adage goes, nothing ventured nothing gained.


5/ Limit text exchanges.


Some people are more comfortable than others with a text dialogue. A text exchange is a poor alternative to a conversation and may come across as spammy if you haven’t met at least once. Being spammy is not a great way to start a relationship.


Hopefully you’ll meet a few people, share some laughs and who knows, maybe you’ll meet someone that checks all of your boxes. Enjoy the journey!


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