Healdsburg is a good place to unplug for a few days.

It can be hard to justify time off when it feels like clients and colleagues are depending on you, you have a deadline to hit or you’re close to the next rung on the corporate ladder. However, the reality is it’s more than okay to turn off your phone, turn on an auto-responder and take some time off for you. In fact, you might even be helping your career by giving others the chance to step up and shine while you’re recharging.

Changing your scenery even for a few days also does wonders for your soul. If you live in the Bay Area, you don’t have to travel far to do it. However, for those outside the Bay Area Healdsburg is becoming one of the new hot destinations for visitors to California.

Six ideas to help you rejuvenate while in Healdsburg

1/ Stroll

Healdsburg is part of Sonoma county which is known for producing some great Pinots and other wines. Once in the town square you don’t have to travel far to do wine tasting. There are about 50 different tasting rooms now within walking distance. You’ll likely get more than your 10,000 steps in for the day and neutralize any extra calories consumed as long as you don’t really overindulge.

2/ Refuel

When your feet get tired or you’ve hit your limit of wine tastings, relax in the park in the center of the town square. There is something so nice about just laying on a bench and staring up at the sky on a beautiful day. You may also want to check out all the different types of trees, picnic, people watch and take in the events on the stage. Oakdale Grocery is a few steps away and has everything you need for a gourmet picnic.

3/ Relax

Lay out poolside, take a dip or retreat to the beautiful outdoor lounge at the Hotel Healdsburg to read, catch up with friends or meet new people. The sunny warm days are such a treat compared to the foggy cold days of summer often experienced in San Francisco or the sweaty hot days of summer for those visiting from the South and East.

4/ Ride

When you get tired of lounging around, jump on your bike or rent one from the sister hotel H2 and explore the area. The American League of Bicyclists have acknowledged Healdsburg for being a bicycle friendly community. Ride through the neighborhoods to see what homeowners have done with their lawns to conserve water as a result of the long California draught. The range of solutions is interesting.

5/ Run

If you’re looking for your next challenge, go for the annual Santa Rosa Marathon on August 28th that includes a run through the DeLoach barrel room and a DeLoach membership that includes discounts on wines and invites to special events. As with many fun runs, you don’t have go the full distance to participate and to enjoy all the other festivities included.

6/ Rest

After a day in the sun, breathing fresh air, exercising and relaxing, you’ll probably sleep deeper, longer and better than your usual night’s rest. The only downside is the limited breakfast options for late risers. If your feet don’t hit the ground until noon Oakdale Grocery is a good place to start your day.


More Suggestions:

Download the Healdsburg Hub app for more things to see and do and places to stay while in Healdsburg or search for Olivet Road wineries for more vineyards close to DeLoach.


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