Enhance workplace wellbeing to achieve more in Q3.


1/ Ask your team members about their goals.

Most managers ask about work related goals but many stop there because they’re scared of the potential responses. However, it’s one of the easiest ways for you as a manager to support wellbeing in the workplace.

Engaging in a broader discussions of their goals shows that you care and are interested in supporting their efforts. Support doesn’t necessarily translate to big investments of time or money and if their values align well with the organization, the returns in terms of retention and performance will likely be more than any investment.

Why now?

Organizations operating on a calendar year are at the start of Q3 which means half of the year is already over. Everyone is trying to achieve something and for one reason or another, most people are struggling. Statistically, most people who set resolutions at the beginning of the year have already given up.

Asking about their goals or what they’re working towards may be enough of a nudge to get them back on track. Some may need more help. Listen to what they need, accommodate a specific need if it works for the team or suggest resources that can help them achieve their goals.


The resources needed to help your team members may already be available through the organization’s benefits, discretionary budgets and/or internal experts. Encourage the use of the offerings and resources so that your team feels psychologically safe to use them.

Externally there are workshops, guides and daily planners that can step them through the process of creating a plan, developing healthier habits that work with their lifestyle and staying the course to achieve their goals. Many of which are affordable for either a company to offer or team members to purchase directly.

2/ Encourage your team members to take a Summer Recharge.

Another thing that you can do to support greater wellbeing in the workplace is to encourage everyone on your team to take a Summer Recharge. Summer Recharge is similar to vacation but with absolutely no expectation of work which includes no emails or calls. It’s time for them to truly unplug.

I’ve written about the origin of Recharge and how I’ve spent my time on recharge. It’s become something that I look forward to and do every quarter now. In fact, this week was my Summer Recharge. How did I spend it?

My Summer 2024 Recharge

Summers are hot and a busy travel time so the focus for me is generally a mix of me time and play time rather than travel. Me time is time for reinvestment in my knowledge and skills, relationships and self-care.

Play time is anything fun which this time included a few exhibits, an excursion, a musical and a few nice dinners. By the end of the week, I felt rejuvenated, recharged and ready to achieve more in Q3.

Here are a few pictures to inspire your own Summer Recharge. For more insights and tips follow Shannon Smith Living on your favorite social platform.


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