How to find the right job for you now.


The same principles apply to job searches at every age. However, there are some unique diferences for experienced candidates and those looking for a second act. The challenges are not insurrmountable if you put the effort in and stay the course.


1/ Start with your Why


Tell your story. Explain the reason for the change, your transferrable skills and how your experience was gained. If there is an “elephant in the room” such as a resume gap, speak to it. Cover letters are a great place to explain any gaps or other exceptions in your career path.


2/ Identifying your transferrable skills


Think about the skills that you’ve learned and honed over your career that may be valuable to others. Then start your discovery and investigation phase by taking to friends, family and mentors about:


1/ What do they see as your strengths?


2/ When do they seek advise from you?


3/ What types of problems do they talk with you about?


4/ What type of work do they do?


5/ Could they be a resource or reference for you?


Use Linked In to identify people like you who are doing the jobs that you want. Review their profiles for training courses that you could do and/or highlight on your own profile.


3/ Look for new opportunities


Start by assessing your financial picture to narrow the pathways to a new job. If you need a job quickly, target smaller companies and agencies with a shorter interview process rather than large corporations.


If you have the financial means to extend your runway, consider volunteer opportunities to make sure the job is a good fit before pursuing the career path. Alternatively, try freelance work or start a side hustle.


4/ Update your Linked In Profile


Revise your Linked In profile to focus on your most relevant skills and experience rather than chronicling your whole career. Emphasize dates of your most recent education and remove the dates from older degrees and certifications. Use tools like to update the terminology used to describe your most relevant skills and experience.


Use stories to highlight your resilience in the face of challenges, ambiguity and growth and share examples of how you positively impacted customers and the company.


5/ Stay positive


Job searches can take a long time especially if you’re looking for the right job. If you’re feeling down or frustrated look for support groups to connect with others on a similar journey, connect with your professional network and look for some consulting work to facilitate the journey.

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