Simple every day practices to improve your health.


Whether you are just starting your health and wellbeing journey or well on your way to optimal health, these tips will improve your health.


1/ Develop a good skincare routine for your face.


Taking care of your skin is one of the best ways to look good no matter what your age. Your products should change with the needs of your skin but the process is the same: wash, treat and protect. In the morning, your protect product should be a good sunscreen.


You don’t have to spend a lot to have good skin. There are so many different brands with good products at different price points now. Consistent use of the right ingredients for your skin is the key to beautiful looking skin. Just don’t over do it or you’ll damage the protective barrier.


Six key ingredients for good skin


1/ AHA [Glycolic Acid]: Exfoliates and improves tone

2/ BHA [Salicylic Acid]: Unclogs and shrinks pores

3/ Retinol and Bakuchiol: Repairs and rejuvenates aging skin

4/ Vitamin C: Brights and repairs skin damage

5/ Niacinamide: Restores an even skin barrier

6/ Glycerin: Moisturizes



2/ Develop a good skincare routine for your body.


Many of the ingredients used to maintain the skin on your face have been formulated into body serums and lotions. Again, think about the ingredients that will address your needs and keep your skin healthy. 


Applying the lotion regularly will also help you identify changes in your skin and body that may need medical attention. Early detection is the best way to get a good health outcome and is a good way to minimize your healthcare costs.



3/ Give your feet a little massage before you go to sleep.


Your feet carry you through the day so take some time to care for them. A micro massage with lotion at the end of the day will make your feet feel good, prevent rough patches and help to maintain the health of your skin and nails.



4/ Make a cup of tea.


Green, white, black and herbal teas all have different health benefits. Making a cup of your favorite is a nice way to take a healthy break during the day to refresh your mind and sooth your soul. Drinking 3-5 cups per day can improve health in a variety of ways. Just be mindful of the caffeine content so that you don’t disrupt your sleep.



5/ Incorporate exercises into your day.


Add exercises into your daily routines like standing on one foot while making your tea or brushing your teeth to improve your balance, add a 20 second interval of step ups when taking the stairs to improve your agility, add 20 second intervals of sit to stand during a long day at your desk. Doing so will improve your strength and enhance your problem solving capabilities.


Three minutes doesn’t sound like enough time but these little challenges can make a big difference in how your body moves and how you age. Follow the Pilates & Instagram page for more three minute break ideas.

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