Learn how to develop a healthy need for control.


There are tests that you can take to determine whether or not your need for control is in the healthy range.


You’ve probably heard the saying that you can’t control others or your external environment but your can control your reaction. That’s important because the way we respond when we don’t get what we want or how we want to experience something in life affects the way we feel about it.


There are four simple things that we can all do to manage how we feel about things beyond our control.



Four healthy habit to adjust your need for control



1/ Name the feeling



Whenever a event happens that sparks an emotion, name how it makes you feel in the moment. Like “wow that makes me feel angry” or “that makes me feel really jealous”. Whatever the emotion is in that moment, naming it can help defuse your feelings so that you have a healthier response to the event.




2/ Eat better



I think we’ve all heard that we need to eat less sugar and refined carbohydrates. It’s hard but the timing couldn’t be better. Summer is a great time to make your diet a priority because fresh produce is so plentiful and relatively inexpensive. Get creative with your greens and grains, enjoy more fruit and berries and try some new plant-based recipes.




3/ Move more



Movement is more than just your daily exercise routine. Everything you do counts in your daily step count such as steps to and from work or activities, steps taken to clean your home, or the steps taken during playtime like gardening, golfing, swimming and shopping.




The studies on fitness trackers and Weightloss results have been mixed until now. A new Harvard study is reporting Weightloss results when a fitness tracker is worn. If you’ve been contemplating a new tracker, it’s another reason to make the purchase. Keeping an eye on your step count is easier than keeping an eye on your scale.




4/ Sleep more



Sleep often gets sacrificed when we’re really busy and/or stressed out but going without good quality sleep is really hard on your mind and body.




It might seem like a horse and cart issue. Do you address your schedule and stress levels so that you can sleep more and better or do you figure out a way to sleep more so that you can address the underlying issues? It’s likely something that you need to do in tandem.




Natural sleep remedies may not be as effective as sleep aides but they are better for your health in the long term. Try a taking a warm bath before bed, drinking herb teas, lowering the temperature in your bedroom and adding a white noise machine. Good sleep hygiene habits like developing a sleeping routine, limiting caffeine and alcohol and limiting blue light from screens and devices also help.




According to the book Eat, Move, Sleep the effect of focusing on your physical health is greater than the sum of the parts. The better we feel inside, the better we’ll feel about what’s happening in our environment.




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