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Our corporate Pilates classes are fun and accessible to all. Pilates is a practice that enables people to continually progress and when needed, regress to address specific issues.


The classes are designed to strengthen and lengthen the entire body for better alignment. Studies show that regular Pilates workouts done with good alignment are as effective as manual therapy. Offering our classes will help keep employees healthy, happy and productive on the job.


Implementing corporate Pilates classes with Pilates &


How to start and what you can expect from our onboarding process. 


1/ Complete the questionnaire


Start by completing our online questionnaire available by clicking Get Started here or from the Community Mat page. Your responses help us prepare for the initial call with you and develop the right classes for your organization. After reviewing the information, we’ll schedule a 15 minute consult to review your needs, answer questions and discuss the details for your classes.


2/ Schedule your classes


When you’re ready to schedule your classes, click Schedule here or on the Community Mat page to reserve your sessions. You will be asked for the desired Pilates level as well as any known medical conditions/injuries of the participants. The information helps us anticipate changes and provide the right level of instruction so that everyone gets the full benefit of the class.


Payment is due at time of scheduling unless alternative arrangements have been made. Our scheduling system is integrated with Stripe to provide you with payment options and to keep your information safe. If you need to reschedule, please do so 24 hours in advance. Credit will be provided towards future classes.


3/ Start and refine the classes


Start your corporate program with at least ten Pilates classes to give participants enough time to experience the mind body benefits. We will continually assess and make adjustments to the classes as needed. If requested, we’ll do a formal evaluation at the end.


4/ Other needs, issues or questions


If you have specific needs, issues or questions not addressed, use the Contact Us form for an email response within 24 hours. If you need a faster response, include your phone number and the best time of day to reach you.

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