Simple tips to save money on workout clothes.


When you splurge on some new clothes you probably read the tag and follow the instructions. However, like many other good practices that come to an end when life gets busy so do your meticulous laundering practices.


We spend a lot of our time in workout clothes so keeping our clothes looking good wear after wear and wash after wash is important. We’ve learned some good tips from others that we’d like to pass along to you too.


Four tips to maintain your workout clothes


1. Turn Everything Inside Out


Washing and drying clothes regularly often causes the fabric to pill similar to well worn sweaters. The easiest solution to keep the right side of the fabric looking new longer is to wash everything inside out. Turn everything inside out when you take it off and it’s ready to wash.


2. Wash in Cold


Some companies do a better job than others of preshrinking fabrics. To be safe, wash everything in cold water so that the fabrics don’t run or shrink. Use a good detergent to get the sweat smell out.


3. Use a Lingerie Bag


If you have favorite pieces or if you want to go the extra mile to keep everything looking new use lingerie bags. The bag will protect the fabric while your clothes are in the washer and drier. It’s faster than hanging everything and almost as good as line drying everything if the fabric is preshrunk.


4. Hang to Dry


If you live in a city hanging your workout clothes to dry is easier said than done but worth it, even if for only your jackets and undies. Line drying keeps the zipper pulls from breaking and preserves the elastic in underwear. Updating your workout gear with new pants or a top is much more satisfying than new undies.


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