Your feet are not supposed to hurt but likely do.

If you’ve been suffering with foot pain, you’re in good company. Reportedly, 75% of Americans will experience foot pain at some point in their life. Women are four times [4x] more likely to experience foot pain. Why? The main reason is high heel and other ill fitting shoes.

We covered shoes and general foot care in our discussion with Dr. Daniel about keeping your feet and back happy. If you missed it, it’s a good post to read now given that most Podiatric physician visits are for treatment of corns and calluses [82%] and toenail problems [63%].

One quarter of all your bones are in your feet. If you’re walking the recommended number of daily steps, there is a lot of pressure on all those little bones and the connective tissue. Your feet need a little daily TLC [aka: tender loving care] to carry you through life.

Seven daily exercises to baby your feet

Best exercise overall

1/ Walk don’t run:  According to the American Podiatric Medical Association, walking is the best exercise for your feet because it helps improve circulation, control weight and promotes overall wellbeing. Running increases increases the pressure on your feet by 3-4 times your body weight. If you love to run, try mixing up your workouts to give your feet a break.

Plantar Fasciitis [heel pain]

2/ Wall stretch to stretch and elongate your calfs and achilles so that you move with ease.

3/ Point, flex and circle your feet to increase flexibility and the range of motion in your ankle and minimize the risk of straining or spraining your ankle.

4/ Pick up a towel or sock with our toes to tone your plantar fascia and improve balance.

Bunions [toe pain]

5/ Heel raises [x10] to strengthen the medial arch muscles and maintain the alignment of the big toe.

6/ Toe Crunches [x10] to strengthen the arches and toes. Roll to the outside of your feet and crunch toes inward.

7/ Stretch your toes sideways to stretch and activate your toes muscles.

For added TLC at the end of a long day, roll a tennis ball with your feet to stretch the connective tissues and finish with some lotion to condition the skin.

If working out on your own isn’t your cup of tea, try a Pilates or yoga class. Some of these foot exercises are routinely incorporated into the workouts.


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