Start your yoga practice with no expectation.


Has anyone ever suggested that you try yoga?  So many people love it so it wouldn’t be a surprise to us if someone suggested you try it.

There is really no one right way to start.  The only thing that you need to know is that yoga is not a competition.  If you try to compete with others in the room, you will likely pull a muscle or tweak a joint.

A sponsored class at your work or a local retailer is a nice way to experience different styles and meet different instructors in your neighborhood.  The class probably won’t be as rigorous as classes taught at a club or studio filled with regulars.  However, it will be enough to leave you feeling a little more grounded and clear by the time you walk out the door. 

Styles of Yoga

Build your foundation

Hatha and Iyengar, while thought to be preferred by introverts or those who thrive in the details of things, offer beginners a way to learn the basics with good form. Both styles incorporate props and partner poses to help you develop the strength and flexibility needed to do the full expression of the poses. The room generally isn’t heated for these classes so you’re not likely to break much of a sweat unless you’re already a sweaty type.  However, over time your body will become stronger and more flexible and you will have the foundation needed to do any method or style safely.  

Advance your Practice

If you have good body awareness you might want to jump right into a flow style such as Vinyasa or Power Yoga. We tried Power Yoga recently and loved it no matter who was teaching.  Some of the instructors taught the class with more flow and others with more power.  The classes with more flow offered a nice way to release the stresses of the day, whereas the classes with more power provided an opportunity to build strength and try some of the more advanced expressions of the poses.  

Do what you can and take what you need.

One of the best parts of yoga is that there is no judgement because it’s a practice. Try a pose that scares you and if you fall, try again or do a rest pose if needed.  One day you’ll get it and when you do, it will feel truly gratifying even if you only ever do it once. 

Take aways from our practice this week

1/ If you tried it and didn’t like it, try it again. 

There are so many methods, studios and teachers  that you’re bound to find one or more that offers what you need.

2/ Do yoga and yoga does you. 

The physical practice of yoga will transcend into your everyday life.

3/ You don’t have to choose one style of yoga. 

You can integrate and enjoy them all in your practice.


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