Items to refresh and donate while spring cleaning.

With so much time spent sheltered-in-place last year, your home likely needs a big refresh.

I’ve been researching the average useful life of many household items lately to figure out which items need to be deep cleaned versus replaced.

Interestingly, medical professionals have voiced their opinion on towels, sheets and other soft products that get used daily because they can harbor bacteria and fungi especially if not properly maintained.

Two years is the recommended timeframe for sheets, pillow covers and towels even if you have been properly cleaning those items regularly.

The question is then what to do with your old things so that they don’t end up in landfill. Donating to a local charity is a good step but many get overrun with stuff they can’t use or sell. Consequently, much of it ends up in landfill.

I discovered that some household items can be donated to animal shelters where they will be appreciated and used. Be sure to clean and/or disinfect your items before you donate them.


Three household items to donate to animal rescues


1/ Towels + Pillow Covers

Your towels that are looking a little dingy but that are otherwise in good shape will be well received. They can be used by caregivers to wipe dirty paws, dry wet fur and provide some comfort while the fur babes wait to be adopted.


2/ Dishes

If you don’t have a matching set to donate, consider donating bowls and other dishes suitable for pet food to your animal rescue. While not specifically stated, measuring cups for portioning food will likely be appreciated too.


3/ Cutlery

If you don’t have a matching set to donate, the forks and spoons will be appreciated at the animal rescues. Caregivers will use them to dispense medicine and food.


Create a gift basket


Shelters are always in need of the basic things to keep their fur babes healthy until they find forever homes. If you can, create a little gift basket with your donated items and a few items from the list of items routinely needed.


Items routinely needed

Check with your local shelter or review their web-site for the types of animals up for adoption now to inform your purchase.


1/ Food

2/ Treats + Toys

3/ Dishes

4/ Beds

5/ Carriers

6/ Poop bags

7/ Eco-friendly cleaning products


If you have some gently used tennis balls, add them to your gift basket too. Shelters with dogs will appreciate them.


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