Life events present an opportunity for rebirth.


The second virtual Goop Health event was held last weekend. The reset theme really resonated with me.


When Covid shelter in place orders and restrictions went into effect last March, I closed the doors to my closet and they really haven’t been opened since. To some degree, it’s a broader metaphor for Covid life.


The doors to our lives have been closed and are about to open again. The question now is do you pick up right where you left off or do you make changes?


Three things to do now to reset your post Covid life

1/ Take time to reflect


Gabrielle Union was interviewed by GP. She used humor to mask the pain of some of her life stories but each story explained how she peeled the layers back to reveal more of her authentic self.


Perfectionism can’t save you from the ravages and challenges of life whether it’s rape, divorce, job loss or some other tragic or life altering event. Gabrielle spoke about the death and rebirth she felt after each significant event of her life.


Even if you emerge unscathed from Covid, your life has likely changed and evolved in ways that you did’t expect last year. Do you course correct for your original path or is your post Covid life an opportunity for a rebirth?


2/ Declutter your home


Spring is always a good time for a decluttering and cleaning project. Plus it will help create the mental space needed to reset your life. Amy Chinitz gave us a refresher on the basics of Marie Kondo’s home detox process.


If your closet is feeling like a time capsule that is weighing you down rather than adding joy to your life, it’s time to decluter. Touch each item, give thanks to the items that no longer spark joy, consign and/or donate unwanted items and organize the rest.


The nautical theme, forgiving bottoms, investment tops and jewelry to play up your neckline for Zoom meetings are things to keep in mind as you edit and refresh your spring and summer wardrobe.


3/ Sharpen your entertaining skills


The Goop food director introduced us to Dry Farm Wines and wonderful food pairings to inspire our summer entertaining menus.


I’ll share the cliff notes with you now so that you understand the basics of pairing food and wine. The short story is you should match with more of the same notes/flavors or do the opposite for balance.


1/ Acidic wines [ie sparkling] should be paired with either acidic or rich creamy foods.

2/ Fruity wines [ie rose] should be paired with either fruity or earthy foods.

3/ Salty wines [ie crisp whites] should be paired with either salty or mild foods.

4/ Earthy wines [ie red wines] should be paired with either earthy or bright foods.


Hopefully the video will be sharable by the summer. Some of the recipes are so simple and the pairings may surprise you. For example: charred sweet potato tocos with pickled red onion, greek yogurt and cilantro for a delicious plant based meal paired with red wine.



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