Six tips to prepare you for a TRX class.

TRX is a total body workout that uses a specialized strap and your body weight to tone and condition your entire body. It doesn’t take much to learn if you have good form and body awareness.

However, if you’re new to working out or just like to start with the basics take the FREE beginner class. It is a small group class so the instructor will have time to teach you how to adjust the straps and do all the basic moves.

With that said, there are a few things that are good to know before taking your first class.

Six tips to get the most from your TRX workout

1/ The Straps Adjust

If you skip the beginner class, get to your first class early to learn how to adjust the straps. Learn the markings for low, middle, high and how to adjust for shin length. The strap length affects your form and will effect your workout experience if you don’t get it right.

2/Note your Anchor Position

It is so much easier to do the balancing moves if you’re properly aligned with the anchor point rather than pulling to one direction or another. Before you get into a balancing move make sure you’re working in alignment otherwise you’ll really challenge your abs.

3/Squeeze your Buttock

TRX involves doing quite a few squats to work the legs and buttocks. Chances are you’ll likely hear the expression “If you don’t squeeze your butt, no one will do it for you”.  It is something etched in our brains now.  However, it is good to know because you’ll get so much more out of each repetition if you squeeze your bottom at the top of each squat.

4/Two Inches

Believe it or not, two inches can make a huge difference in whether you can do a move, do a move with good form or not do a move at all.  If you’re struggling or needing more challenge, don’t hesitate to adjust your position.

5/Dirty and Sweaty

The movements are big and some classes include cardio so you’re going to leave sweaty.  Plus you’ll likely get a little dirty from being on the floor for side planks, push ups and some of the leg exercises. If you’re trying to squeeze in a workout before dinner, make sure you have time for a shower too. You’ll need it.

6/ 50/50 Mix

Something unique to this group workout is that there is a healthy mix of guys and gals doing the classes. There might be more guys in class than other types of classes because the exercises were developed by a former Navy Seal.  Whatever the reason, the classes seem to be a crowd pleaser for both sexes. So rally your significant other and/or friends for a class.

Home Workout

If you’re curious but not quite ready to jump in, take a few minutes and watch this video. Or try one of our favorite TRX sets.

Do 5 sets of squats like this…do as many as you can in 30 seconds and then hold the last squat for 20 seconds. That’s one set. You can mix up the leg positioning to work different muscles (legs together, legs hip width and legs in a wide turnout) and add pulses in the hold position for a little extra burn.

If you don’t have a studio or gym in your community offering TRX, you can always buy the straps for home use.

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