Change your perspective about work for the AI era.

The Artificial Intelligence [AI] supported era of work requires a new perspective on how we approach work and define success as individuals, companies and societies.

Consequently, companies are starting to encourage better work-life balance by shifting their focus to employee happiness and sustainable business practices. Universities are helping to create the next generation of workers who will lead with happiness.

Happiness is not frivolous or something you realize when you achieve career success. It is a factor that contributes to career success, financial success of companies and GDP growth. Start transforming your organization with the latest insights from the Milken Institute panel on happiness and sustainability.

Five insights from the Milken Institute panel on happiness and sustainability.


1/ It’s no longer growth at any cost

No one is super human. We need to embrace the fact that there are human and environmental limits to growth and that wellbeing is linked to the environment. Leading edge companies are supporting families and their communities by avoiding relocations and other practices that split families.

2/ Warm connections are needed to support wellbeing

People accomplishments which include being a good partner, parent, boss, coworker, instructor etc. are reportedly, our proudest accomplishments. Social connections help employees maintain good mental health and wellbeing.

3/ Imaging our future selves improves self-care practices

Most people have a flawed understanding of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.  People can and do feel love, belonging and satisfaction with life while securing their basic needs. Realizing all of the essential needs for a life well lived is more of a fluid process rather than a staircase. When people can Imagine their future self, it translates to delayed gratification, better self-care practices and better work-life balance.

4/ Income buys experiences that improves wellbeing

Financial constraints influence purchases. People with financial constraints prioritize material things over experiences because material things have future value. Those with more disposable income prioritize experiences and use their resources to spend time with their family, friends and community. Leading edge companies are assessing how to buy time for employees so that everyone invests in experiences that support greater wellbeing.

5/ Work friends improve the bottom line

Do you remember the show Cheers and the jiggle about being the place where everyone knows your name? Well there is more than you might realize to that catchy jingle. Friends is an important part of wellbeing that also delivers bottom line results. Employees with a best friend at work are more engaged and more satisfied with their job.

Four things leaders should be doing to transform their workforce

1/ Programs to promote wellbeing

How we think about work and how we will be working in the future is changing. Invest in programs to facilitate the changes to promote greater wellbeing.

2/ Hone people skills

The best performing teams have two things in common: good people skills and women. Teams with women outperform those without women.

3/ Use subjective measures

Happiness is composed of many colors but you can see it and feel it within an organization. People are happier when they have at least one person who knows their name and cares about them. Survey employees more than once per year to capture the unbiased employee experience and develop a people centered culture.

4/ Adjust career length for current lifespan

Companies should be working to retain employees longer, purchase time for employees throughout their career and reduce time spent at work. Artificial Intelligence [AI] will enable us to work smarter, not harder. Sixty-five is the new fifty-five.

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