Lifestyle determines cancer risk more than genetics.

Many people don’t realize that lifestyle accounts for 80% of our health risk for cancer and other life threatening diseases. Family history and genetics account for only 20%.

It was something that we learned while researching rare and complex cancers for a medical device client years ago and echoed by Dr Kristi Funk in a recent interview on GMA about her new book Breasts The Owner’s Manual.

During the interview, Dr. Funk debunks the myths about what causes breast cancer [deodorant, underwire bras, cell phone, microwaves etc.] and highlights a few simple things that you can do everyday to maintain your health and reduce your risk of cancer. 

Five actions you can take to reduce your cancer risk.

1/ Eat a plant based diet because the phytonutrients destroy cancer cells.

A plant based diet is primarily made up of fruit, vegetables, grains, legumes and healthy fats such as olive oil and avocados. Limit animal proteins, dairy and processed foods made with white flour and refined sugar.

2/ Exercise at least 5 hours per week to help eliminate toxins from the body.

Exercise is also good for maintaining the heart, bones, muscles and mind.

3/ Limit alcohol intake to 1 drink per day.

You’ve probably heard that drinking a glass of red wine is good for the heart but not drinking alcohol is even better for your health.

4/ Maintain a healthy body weight for life.

If you’re eating a plant based diet, exercising 5 hours a week and limiting your alcohol intake, getting to a healthy bodyweight and maintaining it overtime should be fairly easy to do.

5/ Limit your exposure to environmental toxins.

There are some simple things that you can do to reduce your exposure.

  • Wash your hands frequently with regular soap and water especially before you eat.
  • Dust and vacuum your home regularly.
  • Add some plants to remove toxins from the air
  • Use chemical-free or essential oil lotions, makeup and fragrance.


Two additional things that you can do to reduce your health risk:

1/ Don’t smoke – anything! 

Cigarettes come with plenty of warning about the health risks. States that have legalized Marijuana are now seeing increased health risk in newborns. So if in doubt about some new form of smoking or substance, just remember don’t smoke. It’s not worth the risk to your health.

2/ Limit exposure to harmful chemicals.

Chemicals in your home or workplace, such as asbestos and benzene, also are associated with an increased risk of cancer.


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