Lessons from my dad that made my life healthier.


It has been fun thinking about my dad in the context of health and how some of the simple things he did were also healthy behaviors that helped us all live happier, healthier lives.


I’d like to share a few of them with you in this post because they are healthy habits that are easy to incorporate into your own life.  

Three healthy lessons learned from my dad:

1/ A big hug can make you feel better.

Hopefully, you’ve gotten a great big hug to know know how good it feels.  What you might not know is that a good hug from a friend or family member can reduce your stress and anxiety.

Hormones called Oxytocin released during a hug makes your body feel as warm and fuzzy on the inside as you do on the outside.  Hugs are good for people of all ages but especially benefit those who are more vulnerable to the symptoms of stress, anxiety and fear.   

2/ Make time for fun even when you’re busy.

Hearing someone remind you to “have fun” when you hardly have time to breath is almost annoying.  I get it!  What you might not know is that making time for fun especially during stressful times can improve your health and your life. 

Having fun reduces the stress hormone cortisol in your body which can also help lower blood pressure, slim your waste and reduce your body mass index over time.  Plus making time for fun will give you memories that will keep you smiling for years to come.

3/ Participate in your community or create one.

Community events such as family swims, runs, bikes, movies in the park fireworks, etc. offer an affordable way for families and friends to connect. With a little creativity you can turn them into an even more memorable experience. 

Giving back to the community can be equally as enjoyable and rewarding.  People who volunteer make new friends and build social networks that support them throughout life.  

I hope you all enjoyed Father’s Day weekend and honored your dad or memories of your dad in some way.  



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