Timeless ideas to complete your holiday gift list.

If you haven’t heard, the cut off for holiday shipping is December 15th. These timeless ideas might help if you haven’t completed your holiday shopping yet.


Five timeless gift ideas


1/ Games


The games idea is on repeat again this year because it was such a hit last year during shelter in place. Who knows, family game night might live on for years and possibly, generations to come. The added bonus is that it’s almost as much fun picking the games as it is playing them.


2/ Cookbooks


Cookbooks for the foodies as well as the loved ones interested in improving their diet. In addition to the cookbook, complete the gift with something special like a signed version of the book, new kitchen tool recommended by the author and/or a gift card to help them stock their pantry. Who knows, you might get invited to a dinner party in the new year.


3/ Skin Care


Quality skin care products and devices are always a good gift idea. You can gift skin care in a number of different ways such as a foot care theme, sampling of your favorite products theme or introduction to good skin care theme. There are likely to be some product failures but they can always regift the failures back to you or someone else so that nothing goes to waste.


4/ Basics


Basics are always appreciated by sporting enthusiasts. It may not sound special or exciting but basic gear always need to be refreshed and will always be used.


On that note, did you know socks and underwear are the most frequently requested items in homeless shelters? You might want to add some Bombas to your list. Bombas is a B Corp that pays your gift forward to those in need. If you want to go the extra mile, look for a Giving Tree at your local Peet’s Coffee to purchase gifts for others in your community. Basics are often requested.


5/ Experiences


Experiences are a great alternative to products especially if the supply chain delays are throwing a wrench into your budget or plans. Plus experiences are a great way to support your community of service providers and the arts. 


Think about the experiences that you’ve enjoyed, that you love to do or that are once in a lifetime special. Whether you join them or not, the experience will be a shared memory that you talk about for years to come. Now that’s priceless.


You may have noticed that I decided to go with themes rather than specific ideas. What can I say, I love a good theme. Plus it allows you to use your own creativity to customize your gifts.

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