Drills and tips to help you play your best this season.


If you took the winter off from playing tennis and are wanting to be game ready for the start of the season, these drill will help you. Invite one of your tennis friends or use an online group to find someone at your level and head to the courts.


Five drills to help you get ready to play


1/ Start with mini tennis


Mini tennis is a rally played between service lines. It helps to get your mind on the court. Plus it’s a great way to get your feet moving and warm up a variety of shots. Play mini tennis until your rally is at least ten [10] shot long.


2/ Rally from the baseline


After mini tennis, move back to the baseline and continue the rally. Again, rally until you can hit at least ten [10] shots in a row. Focus on the quality of each shot so that you get your footwork, positioning and swing down.


3/ Shorten up the game with volley


Alternate initiating the rally from the service line and base line. Rally until the person hitting the volleys makes ten [10] shots in a row and then switch roles. It’s a great way to improve hand eye coordination, footwork and overall endurance.


4/ Head back to the baseline


Either try another rally and/or play out some shots now that you have everything warmed up.


5/ Warm up your serve


Time permitting, warm up your serve and play out some sets or a full game.


Other tips to improve your performance on the court


1/ Have fun with it so you don’t over do it 


You’ve got a whole season ahead. The point of the drills is to get you ready to play so that you enjoy the full season.


2/ Soak in a hot bath or hot tub after playing


If your muscles feel achy or tired later in the day, soak in a hot bath or hot tub before you go to bed. You’ll sleep like a baby and feel so much better the next day.


3/ Join me on the mat for Pilates


Pilates is one of the best things you can do to improve your performance and prevent injuries. Classes on the Pilates & YouTube channel are free and a great way to start your practice. 

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