Get your gear ready for use this summer.


The long days and warm weather are probably motivating you to play more. Whether you play tennis, golf, cycle or do something else for fun, it’s a good idea to check your gear now.


Four tips to ensure your gear is ready for use


1/ Shoes


Sport specific shoes help reduce injury and improve performance. If you put yours away last season and haven’t checked the condition of the soles in particular, do so. Chances are they are in worse shape than you remember. Nothing puts a damper on a game or ride more than sore feet or an injury.


2/ Gear


Handles are another important element of safety and performance. Check the grip on your handles even if you had them serviced before you put your equipment away. It’s one thing that you’ll likely overlook because to the eye, the grip might look fine. However, if you didn’t play or ride last season, chances are the grips have eroded from heat and moisture. It’s best to replace them.


3/ Clothing


Workout clothes wear out. Check the condition of your clothes so that you’re not giving people behind you an eye full when you bend over. Advances in sport specific clothing can also improve your performance. Remember Sarina’s catsuit at Wimbledon? Fortunately, you don’t need to wear a catsuit to get the benefits of good sun protection, sweat wicking and coverage. All of which will make you more comfortable and confident no matter what sport you do.


4/ Sunscreen


If you store sunscreen in your sports bag, check the expiration date or toss it if your bag is frequently exposed to the elements. Good sunscreen can be pricey but the protection it provides is worth the money. It will help reduce your risk of skin cancer and reduce the visible signs of aging.


Professional Tip


How would you drive if you haven’t driven in a while? You might have good muscle memory but it’s going to take a few lessons, games or rides for everything to come back. If you over do it. Try some of our active recovery classes. The classes will make you feel better and help get you back into the swing of things.



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