Principles to support Weightloss and good health.


The latest research on Intermittent Fasting didn’t prove it to be the solution for Weightloss or metabolic health.


CBS Nightly News reported the results of a study on 500+ people last night. What reportedly worked is smaller meals and less calorie consumption. Another study with similar findings.


Intermittent Fasting vs Intuitive Fasting


I read the book called Intuitive Fasting in 2021 and noted then, that more research was still being done on the merits of Intermitted Fasting. What’s the difference between Intuitive Fasting and Intermitted Fasting?


Intuitive Fasting is more about listening to your body and understanding what it needs when. The book provides prescriptive eating plans but the principles are more important.


Four lifestyle principles for good health


Here are four principles that guide my lifestyle based on years of research and writing on health and wellbeing:


1/ Sleep


Invest in your bedding and develop a good sleep routine so that you’re getting the recommended 7-9 hours per night.


2/ Move


Exercise doesn’t have to burn or hurt to be effective. Longevity researchers have found that low and moderate forms of exercise are highly effective. Do at least the minimum amount of exercise each week and more when you can. Your cells love movement.


3/ Diet


Eat just enough at breakfast, lunch and dinner. Give your body time to digest your last meal before you go to bed. Medical experts recommend 3 hours as a guideline. Go out for ice cream and movie popcorn to make snacks an occasional treat.


4/ Supplements


Many people are deficient in Vitamin D which is essential to support your immune system. Do the lab work to identify nutritional deficiencies and then consult your doctor about supplements.

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