Learn how to create space for the important things.


Creating space to learn, grow and evolve is about developing the routines and practices in your every day life as much as it is about creating physical space for everything on your mind. It doesn’t take much time, effort or resources. You can use an app, document, journal or some combination as long as it works for you.


Four ways to create space to learn, grow and evolve.


1/ Express gratitude


Start your day thinking about what you’re grateful for in the moment and write it down. It could be anything that makes your life a little brighter such as a beautiful sunrise that brightens your day, your home that makes you feel safe, resources to invest in yourself, or a friend or family member who cheers you on through thick and thin.


Acknowledging at least three things will help you feel happier and when you feel happier, you’ll also be more energetic and productive.


2/ Prioritize your goals


Build on the momentum of your gratitude by writing down your goals for the day. Think about about what’s important and what’s urgent for you to do. Important tasks are the actions you need to take to achieve your goals. Urgent tasks are the fires that need your attention so that they don’t derail your plans.


Prioritize the Important tasks first so that you complete them when you’re most alert and creative. Limiting your time allocated to your important tasks helps to focus your efforts and will give you more time for the urgent tasks and your daily to-dos.


3/ Take notes


Create a place to capture notes from books, meetings, lectures and classes on the fly. Notes can be anything such as another book or author, a concept, a framework or anything that peaks your interest. Taking a moment to jot it down frees up your brain until you need the information.


Periodical review your notes for new ideas and resources so that you continuously grow and evolve. It’s also a nice way to reflect back on your progress.


4/ Capture your ideas


Create a white space for your ideas and periodically take time to brainstorm. The white space can be used for anything such as flushing out the list of values to distill your two guiding principles or brainstorming ideas for a new book, product, venture, career or chapter of life.


Having one space to capture all of your ideas allows you to continuously evolve them until you arrive at something compelling. Using an unlined journal for ideas gives you a private space and frees you of the limitations imposed by lines.

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