Skiing is physically more demanding than many realize. Before you head to the slopes, head to the gym, studio or wherever you like to workout for some extra conditioning.

We’re optimistic that it’s going to be a good ski season. Rain in the city means snow in Tahoe and the mountains beyond. 

You may not give much thought to preparation beyond the gear but you should also give your workout some thought. Skiing is physically more demanding than you may realize especially if you haven’t done it in a while. So before you head to the slopes, head to the gym, studio or wherever you like to workout.

There are three things that you want to do as part of your workout to prepare.

  1. Increase your Cardio Intensity – Make sure that you’re pushing hard enough to increase your stamina.  Reportedly, most injuries happen on the slopes when the body is fatigued after a long day or several days of skiing.
  2. Condition your Core – Do more than crunches to strengthen your core. Include planks, v-sits and superman exercises to work all the muscles needed to keep you in balance.
  3. Strengthen your Back and Buttocks – Do squats, lunges and the chair pose to develop your leg, buttocks, low back and lat muscles needed to keep you in good form as you fly down the mountain.

The start of the season is also a good time to check your gear.  You can still get some deals on prior season models if your skis, boots or bindings need to be replaced.  You’ll also get first pick of the latest styles and more importantly, sizes.

Skis – The design of newer skis are more versatile for all ski conditions. However, if the conditions where you ski are pretty consistent and your weight or level hasn’t changed much over the years, the skis you’ve skied on for 10+ years will be fine if you’ve maintained them.

Boots – If your boots are uncomfortable for walking around because they are stiff and tight in the toes, they’re perfect. If you’ve been skiing in them regularly for 5+ years, it may be time for a new pair.

Helmets – If helmets are not required where you ski, you should still get one to protect your head and brain. If you’re questioning whether you need a new one, take it in and ask the pros for their opinion. Better to be safe than sorry.

Socks – A thin well fitting sock is essential in a ski boot that fits well. Wool socks are reportedly warmer and wick better than synthetic socks. Cold feet can really ruin a good day on the slopes so spend the money needed to keep your feet warm, dry and comfortable.

If you get your skis in now for sharpening, waxing and repairs, you’ll have them back in a week and be ready to go when the ski season starts.

Gift Ideas:

Gift Card for Gear: Wrap the card in a boot box or with their old skis to set the intention and keep them guessing.

Refresh their Basics: Socks, gloves, thermals and Uggs will all be appreciated on cold days for years to come.

Get their Skis Ready: Skis should be sharpened and waxed at least once a season and more frequently for regular skiers.

Get the Pass: Buy their ski pass for the year or give them a class card for workouts to get them ready for the season.

Adventure: Treat them to a ski vacation that you can enjoy together.

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