Get inspired to eat your vegetables this fall.


With fall already creeping into the air, you’re likely ready for some fresh vegetable inspiration. Luckily new vegetable dishes are appearing on the best restaurants in Vancouver for you to enjoy now and to inspire your meals at home.


Six fresh vegetable dishes from list worthy restaurants


1/ Cauliflower Hummus


If you haven’t tried the cauliflower hummus yet at Nightingale add it to your list or make at home. If you’re making it at home, substitute roasted cauliflower for garbanzo beans in your favorite hummus recipe. Top with sweet pickles and micro greens and enjoy it with your favorite fresh bread.


2/ Pea and Mint Crostini


Another Nightingale favorite is the English pea and fresh mint crostini which is also relatively easy to make at home. If you’re headed to the Farmer’s Market on the weekend, pick up fresh peas, mint, burrata cheese [optional for Vegans] and your favorite bread. The fresher the ingredients the less you have to do to make something delicious.


3/ Beefsteak Tomato with Red Onion


The Beefsteak tomato with buttermilk dressing and thinly sliced red onion idea is on the menu of Vancouver’s best steakhouses called Hy’s. If you’re Vegetarian or Vegan, a steakhouse may not be your top choice of restaurants but the sides alone are list worthy. The tomato presentation is beautiful and when in season, simply delicious. Try a fresh buttermilk recipe if you make it at home.


4/ Squash Tacos


The squash tacos are from a hot new Mexican restaurant in Gastown called Monarca. Think small fresh tacos served open with small roasted butternut squash chunks and melted cheese topped with onion and fresh cilantro. Add a squeeze of fresh lime before taking a bite. After one bite, you’ll want to eat your vegetables this fall.


5/ Fresh corn on the cob with Jalapeño Jelly


When you go to the Granville Market, look for Preserves by Janet Patricia offering the freshest seasonal jellies. You can sample as many as you like and get pairing ideas from Janet. Who else would have thought to pair the sweetness of fresh corn on the cob with jalapeño jelly? It’s a wonderful way to upscale a late summer staple.


6/ Bok Choy with Tahini Dressing


Bok Choy is a fall and winter green that is already starting to appear on menus around town. Nightingale serves it steamed with a tahini dressing and sesame seeds. It’s a delicious way to eat your greens in the cooler months. Plus it pairs really well with the cauliflower hummus for a lighter dinner.


Lastly, if you’re tired of avocado on toast, try mashing avocado with some sauerkraut. It might not sound appealing at first but the creaminess of the avocado and the tartiness of the sauerkraut really works well together. It’s also a good substitute for fresh guacamole and a good way to improve your gut biome.


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