How to beat the heat and enjoy city life.


Summer in the city can be hot and steamy especially if you don’t have air conditioning. If you’re looking for ways to bring down your core temperature while having fun, you’ll enjoy these six ideas.


Six ways to beat the heat and enjoy summer in the city.


1/ Visit the museums.


Whether you’re into art, science or history, most cities have a museum that you’ll find interesting. Consider a membership to get involved in the community and go more frequently. Some museums have membership options that give you access to special events and/or more than one. It’s a great way to expand your interests, meet people and see more of the city. If the cost is a concern, look for the days when the entrance fees are discounted or free.


2/ Indulge in a shaved ice treat.


Shaved ice, also referred to as Bingsu, is a Korean treat that is typically offered with a variety of fruit and other flavors. It’s delicious but similar to sorbet or ice cream in that it is calorie dense. The richer the toppings the denser it is in fat and sugar. Follow the golden rules for treats and enjoy.


3/ Head to the farmer’s market.


The best markets are often held in some of the prettiest settings in the city and are worth the effort to go. Water locations, indoor stalls and restaurants give you the opportunity to cool down while you shop and eat. Make it date with a friend or partner. Start with brunch and then browse all the shops and stalls.


4/ Go your local bar to play.


Search for neighborhood bars with air conditioning and games. Spend an hour or two playing games with a friend or your partner. Whether you’re the betting type or not, place a few wagers to spice it up. Chances are you’ll have some good laughs. Treat yourself to a cool drink and some popcorn.


5/ Try forest bathing.


Head to a park and walk under the shade of trees. Stop at a pretty spot to admire nature for a few minutes. The experience will do wonders for your mind, body and soul.
Plus you’ll get your steps in for the day.


6/ Head to the water.


You don’t even need to get in to feel the cooling benefits of water. Walk the shoreline or sit on a bench or the beach. Enjoy the cool air and the view. It’s a beautiful way to end a long day and get you ready for a good nights rest. If you can swing it, head to a lake for a long weekend or two.

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