How to create a rejuvenating day trip.


If you’re overdo for a vacation, changing your scenery even for a few hours can make all the difference in how you feel. Whether you take a day off to avoid the crowds or get away on your weekend, these tips will help you create a rejuvenating day trip.


Six tips for creating a rejuvenating day tip


1/ Choose a destination


Pick a pretty destination that is within an hour or two at most so that you don’t spend the day driving or stuck in traffic. A short drive or bus ride is enough to get away from your daily grind and shift your frame of mind.


2/ Make time to reflect


Find a nice place to sit and relax your mind. If you’ve been feeling stuck or mulling a big decision, the answers will likely come to you when your mind is relaxed. 


3/ Take a walk or hike


Make time in your day for at least a short walk in the woods. Forest bathing is proven to be rejuvenating for the mind and body. If the popular trails are crowded or closed for restoration, take a stroll through the streets. It’s always fun to look at the different styles of homes and gardens.


4/ Add some playtime


Do something that you enjoy just for the fun of it. Playtime is as important for adults as it is for children. Excitement, fun and laughter helps to shift your frame of mind and often contributes to your most memorable experiences in life.


5/ Enjoy a nice meal


Treat yourself to a delicious meal and take your time to enjoy the experience. If changing your diet is still on your resolution list, choose something that will nudge you in the right direction. You might be surprised by how much better you feel after just one good meal.


6/ Relax


Find a spot on the grass to lie back, listen to the breeze and rest your eyes. Take a little nap or just take in the day as you rest.


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