Healthcare services in Canada exceed expectation.


If you’ve heard negative stories of what it’s like to receive healthcare services in Canada, you might be interested in hearing my firsthand account of it.


I have been living in Canada since the start of the Covid pandemic and have had dental services, vaccinations, labs and diagnostics, preventative care and specialty services. So far, I’ve been pleasantly surprised.


Record of all healthcare services

I have a unified record of every service and test received regardless of provider. Now I only wish that it would integrate with Apple Health. Integrations to Apple Health or similar application makes your health information accessible to any medical provider in the event of an emergency.


Waitlist for healthcare services


Waitlisting is commonly associated with rationing however, there are different reasons for waitlisting. I am waitlisted for a DEXA scan because my health risk for osteopenia is low. As a result, the test is not medically necessary and not covered. However, it is something that I want and am willing to pay out-of-pocket to do so I am waiting to get it. The estimated cost is $200. 




Standard vaccinations including Covid and the annual flu vaccine are covered. Elective vaccinations such as the shingles vaccine cost approximately $125 per shot and are commonly administered by a pharmacist now. 


Preventative Care


Preventative care with a general practitioner is done primarily over the phone with follow on exams in the office as needed. Both the Telehealth and in office appointments are covered. The rule is one issue per fifteen minute appointment. If you have multiple issues, you have to schedule multiple appointments but it’s fairly easy to do. The wait time for an appointment is generally one week.


Standard labs are covered but a referral from your physician is necessary. Lab results are provided electronically so that you can discuss the results with your physician during the follow up call. It’s a great way to start engaging with your doctor in your care.


Standard diagnostics such as mammograms can be scheduled directly with a provider within two weeks. The results are sent to your physician.




Other diagnostics are covered and can be scheduled within two weeks when referred by your physician. I was referred for diagnostic testing because my Apple Watch is giving me low heart rate warnings. The testing will hopefully produce a definitive diagnosis and help prevent future coverage issues.


Specialty Care


Dermatology care is covered when deemed medically necessary and can be scheduled within a week. The wait time for non-urgent and cosmetic appointments is approximately three weeks but it depends on the Dermatologist.


Dental Care currently falls outside the healthcare system in terms of cost and records. However, dental care has exceeded my expectations in care and administration.

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