How to eat for a healthier and longer life.


Diet is one of the most important factors for those interested in living a longer and healthier life. Longevity researcher, Professor Alexey Moskalev recently shared his recommendations during an interview with NUS Medicine.


The recommendations below may not be new to you. Medical researchers and physicians continually recommend plant-based diets for good health and longevity. However, Professor Moskalev’s recommendations are easy to remember and easy to incorporate into your meal plans and simple rules.


Dietary guidelines for a healthier and longer life


What you eat should be enjoyable not prescriptive. Think of the tips as guidelines not a perscription.


Consume daily


Eat your fruits and vegetables on a daily basis.


1/ Three servings of vegetables and should include leafy vegetables per day.


2/ One serving of fruit per day.


Consume weekly


Eat small amounts of protein and Omega-3 fatty acids on a weekly basis.


1/ Legumes and nuts at least once per week.


2/ Fish or seafood one to two times per week.


Routinely consume


Make sure to eat these items on a regular basis.


1/ Olive oil

2/ Dark Chocolate

3/ Whole grain cereals

4/ Berries 

5/ Herbs


Exclude or minimize these items in your diet


Treats now and then are fine. Just don’t overdo it.


1/ Sweets

2/ Soft drinks

3/ Chips

4/ Processed and packaged foods


Simple rules for optimizing your diet for longevity


The simple rules may help optimize your diet for a longer and healthier life. However, research on calorie restriction and intermittent fasting is ongoing.


1/ Don’t snack between meals.

2/ Stop eating three hours before bed

3/ Skip a meal three or four times/week – alternatively stated, eat only two meals/day.

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