Learn what time of day is best for making your workouts a habit, more effective and more enjoyable. 

According to the book When by Daniel Pink, timing impacts everything we do. You can perfect your timing to achieve better results and more success at work and in life.

Reportedly, timing is more of a science than an art as previous thought. Even when it comes to your workout, the time of day affects whether you stick with it, the results your achieve and even how much you enjoy the experience.

When to Exercise


1/ Lose Weight:

Morning exercise may burn as much as 20% more fat than workouts than after food is consumed. Your body is forced to burn fat when calories from food are not readily available.

2/ Boost Mood:

Cardio workouts done in the morning boost your mood and the beneficial affects are reportedly felt all day.

3/ Develop a regular routine:

Morning workouts are more likely to become habit especially if done with a partner. Consistency is a key element of achieving your desired results and improving your health.

4/ Build strength:

Strength building workouts are more effective in the morning when your testosterone levels are at the peak.

Afternoon to early evening

1/ Avoid injury:

Injury is less likely when your body is warmed up and more pliable. Movement throughout the day helps to warm up the body and increase flexibility.

2/ Perform best:

Lung function is best later in the day as well which helps to distribute oxygen and nutrients to the muscles. Performance is further enhanced because your strength peaks, reaction time quickens, hand-eye coordination sharpens and your blood pressure drops.

3/ Enjoy it more:

Mind and body are taxed less during evening workouts even when the exact same workout is done. Part of the reason is simply that your body is already warm so it feels easier to stretch and move. You may feel more relaxed at the end of the day when you’re not rushing to get to another commitment.

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