Create an actionable plan for the new year.


Ask yourself what worked, what didn’t and what do you want to do differently next year. All great questions to help set new year resolutions especially if you answer “fine” when asked about your job or life.


What’s wrong with fine?


Fine is comfortable. However, according to Mel Robbins, you are settling for what is rather than going after what you want in life. Going after what you want is definitely not comfortable or easy but it’s rewarding on a number of levels.


Plus with the wealth of information and insights at our finger tips now, it’s pretty easy to figure out how to get what you want. So if you’re saying fine, stop. Muster the courage to say what you want [aka: resolutions] and go for it next year. It’s never too late


Four questions to help you get what you want


Watch the short on the four question to ask and answer to get the life you want.


1/ What actions did you take this year?


Even if you didn’t make resolutions or develop a plan, think about all the little things that you may have done differently. You probably did those things with the hope of achieving a specific outcome.


2/ What actions worked for you?


Note everything you tried and the most successful actions. It could be something specific, the culmination of things or the consistency of action that either helped you achieve the desired outcome or got you closer to it.


3/ What actions didn’t work for you?


When you’re creating something totally new, you have to figuratively throw spaghetti against the wall to see what sticks. If nothing sticks, you have to keep tweaking your ideas and taking different actions until you figure out what works. It takes a lot of refinement to get it right and part of getting it right is that you stop doing the things that don’t work.


4/ What actions could you take next year?


Do some brainstorming now and then get some distance from it. By the time New Years comes along, you’ll probably have a pretty good idea of what you need to do next year. Don’t forget to write down your plan down so that you feel committed to it and can measure your progress. Specifically, state what actions you will make daily, weekly and monthly to achieve your goals. 

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