Unique experiences to have in Whistler this winter.


If you go to Whistler frequently or just want to add something special to your trip, these unique experiences might be of interest to you.


Four unique Whistler experiences



1/ The Ice Room


The Ice Room at the Bear Foot Bistro is a very large freezer with walls lined of ice. Needless to say it’s a very chilling experience, however the Arctic Expedition jacket provided will keep you warm. In the Ice Room, your personal bar tender serves shots of vodka and caviar. If there is a brand or type of vodka on your list to try, they probably have it. Otherwise, your bar tender will choose a nice selection for you.


If you’re not much of a drinker or are concerned that the vodka will go straight to your head, don’t worry. The temperature changes how you experience the vodka and reportedly, you won’t feel the effects for 20 minutes after the experience. Enjoy some of the beautiful fresh bread if you’re having dinner at the Bistro afterwards to help neutralize the effects.


2/ The Nitro Martini and Ice Cream


Also at the Bear Foot Bistro is the largest supply of nitrogen. The nitrogen is used for their specialty martini and ice cream. Both are made at your table by the servers. It’s a quite an experience for everyone at your table as well as those around you.


Both could be enjoyed during the same visit or during the duration of your Whistler visit so that you can enjoy them separately. Admittedly it is a lot of alcohol and calories for one visit even if you’ve had a good day on the slopes.


The Bear Foot Bistro is one of the top restaurants in Whistler that serves some of the freshest and more delicious food. The menu is small but the add ons and sides can also make a beautiful meal. It’s worth visiting more than once during your trip.


3/ Vallea Lumina


The Vallea Lumina is an evening show hosted by The Adventure Group. The show is a nature experience that tells a story using lights and effects as you walk through the woods. It’s accessible to all ages especially if you dress properly for the conditions.

Warm clothing and flat boots are advisable so that you can take your time and take it all in. Refreshments are available for purchase and can be enjoyed either on the walk or fireside.


4/ Fairmont Gold


If your general mode is always go-go, take some time to just relax and unwind. The Fairmont Gold experience is perfect for a day of lounging. Read, reflect, plan, play cards or boardgames and enjoy all the lovely refreshments served throughout the day.

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