Three insights to help you craft an achievable plan.


A lot of research and thought has gone into these three insights for crating an achievable plan. I hope you find them as meaningful and useful as me.


Three insights for crafting an achievable plan


1/ Dream without constraint


When you’re crafting your plan, start by giving yourself the freedom to dream big. What would you do, how would you live, how would you look and how would you feel?


Stating what you want is harder than saying no to what you don’t want. Some experts chalk it up to a fear of failure but it could also be a function of your financial constraints.


The Designing your Life framework acknowledges money as a constraint on career choices and career choices often limit other choices in life. Ask yourself, would you be doing the same thing if money wasn’t a constraint


If you’d like to be doing something else, take some time to think about what else you could do. Reportedly, we all have at least seven different career paths. If you have several different things that you’d like to do, evaluate them all to deduce the right one for you now.


Start with what changes would make your current career path better, how you could turn your side hustle into your main hustle and what you would do if money wasn’t a consideration.


2/ Think about your relationship to rules


As you reflect on each category of your life [life, health, work and fun], think about how you respond to rules.


According to Carl Jung, most people respond to rules in one of four ways. Paraphrasing his findings on rules, there are four types of people.


1/ People who disregard all rules.
2/ People who only follow rules that make sense.
3/ People who follow all rules.
4/ People who follow all rules and think of even more rules.


Most people follow rules especially if they make sense. However, how you relate to the rules, may be effecting your experiences and outcomes.


3/ Craft a strategic plan with simple rules


It takes time and deliberate practice to achieve big goals. Simple rules, even if you don’t like rules, can help.


Simple rules have to be meaningful and specific to you. The point of using simple rules is to help you simplify the options so that you consistently make the decisions that will serve you well and ultimately, help you achieve your goals.


For each area of your life, create three simple rules that you can live with and that will help you achieve success.

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