Insights and tips to maintain a youthful appearance.


You might be surprised by what I’m using now to help maintain a youthful appearance. Pictured is my latest Amazon order with most of the skin and hair care products in my daily routine.


I used to spend more for similar products. Sticking with an expensive brand felt like a safe bet because I didn’t understand the ingredients or how to incorporate them into a good routine.


That changed when I started researching products a few years ago. If you’re not aware, there is a trove of educational videos about ingredients, products and which ones are best for different issues and types of skin and hair.


The most important lesson that I have learned is that skincare doesn’t need to break the bank to work well. Here’s a few more insights and tips.


Affordable products and tips for a youthful appearance.


Products and tips for maintaining a youthful face


L’Oréal products have the recommended or maximum amount of the active ingredient. Unlike similar brands, the details are listed on the packaging. They may be too strong for new users of anti-aging products especially if lathered on rather than used sparingly.


The Vitamin C serum brightens and the Hyaluronic Acid serum adds moisture in the morning prior to sunscreen. You can use one serum or both. If you use both, start with the Vitamin C serum and let it dry before applying the Hyaluronic Acid serum. Retinol serum and/or cream addresses fine lines and other signs of aging overnight. Again, let the serum dry before applying the cream if you use both.


Too much product can damage your skin barrier and defeat the purpose of developing a consistent skincare routine. Researchers recently concluded, consistency is more important than the strength of the ingredients. So start with the idea that less is more and adjust as needed.


Products and tips for maintaining a youthful body


The Olay Regenerist Retinol 24 face cream is highly recommended by Dr. Daniel Sugai, a Harvard trained dermatologist who frequently does videos on YouTube. His faith in the Olay face product peaked my interest in Olay body products. 


The Olay washes are hydrating which helps to preserve the skin barrier. A huge plus if you don’t use body lotions regularly. However, you might want to start using the body lotion too.


The Olay body lotions are relatively inexpensive and feel good on the skin. They contain many of the same ingredients used in anti-aging face creams. Don’t forget to use a body lotion with sunscreen or sunscreen during the day to prevent sun damage. Preventing damage is easier and less expensive than repairing it. 


Products and tips for maintaining healthy hair


Have you gotten upsold on product by your hairdresser? I was upsold to Kérastase but tried Biolage during the pandemic. Both Kérastase and Biolage are owned by L’Oréal so finding comparable products was easy. My hair still feels and looks healthy after the switch. 


A good hair cut can make all the difference if it reduces the need for daily washing, heat styling and tight ponytails. The less you do to your hair, the less damage you do and the healthier it looks. Plus a modern cut can take years off how you look and feel.


How to develop your routine


If you’re inspired to experiment with your routine, start by identifying the ingredients you need to address your specific needs and then try products to find your favorites. Mix and match bands to get the best result when you’re well versed on the ingredients.


Despite the benefits of using the right products, you can’t hide an unhealthy lifestyle forever. Eating a plant-based diet and maintaining a regular exercise routine will help make you look better and feel better at every age. Supplements like biotin can give your hair, nails and skin an extra boost.

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