Good options for a plant-based lunch in Vancouver.


If you follow a plant-based diet or just trying to eat a little healthier when you go out for lunch, these Vancouver restaurants are good options. The best part is that no one has to compromise when you’re out with others who prefer to eat meat and/or fish.


Five restaurants with good plant-based lunches


1/ Green Leaf Salad Bar


You may have walked by this restaurant several times already and not realized that you were walking by one of the best Mediterranean salad bars. A colleague suggested it to me for a quick lunch meeting and it has become a favorite. The toppings and sides will turn your salad into a complete meal.


2/ Paul Bakery, Cafe & Restaurant


You may already be familiar with Paul because there are many locations around the world. Despite being a chain, you’ll get an authentic French vibe the moment you walk through the doors. The simple food makes it easy to have a quick lunch if needed but you’ll probably want to spend a little extra time to enjoy the experience. 


Paul has a rich history in producing coffee and more nutritious bread. The company was one of the first to sign on to the Nutritional Health Plan 2 to signal their commitment to providing nutritious food. If you avoid eating bread, you might want to make an exception.


3/ Field & Social


If you’re a salad lover, Field & Social is likely one of your go-to places. It caters to the health conscious consumer but is good option for everyone. The menu has a variety of salads and the salads that can be customized as needed. Add or substitute to create your perfect lunch.


4/ Marutama Ra-men


If you are craving something hot and comforting on a cold day, Marutama Ra-men is perfect. The broth makes the ra-men and the vegetable broth is equally as rich and flavorful as the others made with bones. If you prefer bone broth, a second vegetable ra-men is offered with chicken broth. Everything is made fresh, even the noodles. It’s worth the splurge if you’re on a low carb diet.


5/ Lift Bar & Grill


You may already go to Lift when you’re craving fresh fish and/or want a great water view. If you haven’t tried some of their plant dishes like the Green Thai Coconut Curry or the Spinach Role, you should add it to your plant-based list. Both options are filling but the Green Thai Coconut Curry is particularly good on a cold day. The selection of salads is perfect for when the sun is out and you’re craving something crisp and light.

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