Fun and accessible indoor games to play anytime.


Ten fun and accessible indoor games that can help you build new connections, feel more joyful and develop better problem solving skills. If you haven’t played games for a while, these ideas will help you start playing again.


Ten games that are fun to play 


1/ Cards and board games


Cards and board games are inexpensive and can be played at home or on a night out. There are so many great options whether you love numbers, letters, something creative or simple. There is a game for you.


2/ Table Tennis


Tech companies and resorts often have table tennis because it’s fun whether you play a full game or just a few rounds. It’s a nice way to get some movement in after a meal.


3/ Pool


There is always a bar with a pool table. Ask a friend or find someone there to play.


4/ Darts


Darts can be dangerous in a crowd but some bars still have boards. It’s always fun to play a few rounds when you find a board. 


5/ Shuffle Board


Popular at resorts and on cruise ships for the same reasons as table tennis. You might be able to find a board at an arcade or sports bar.


6/ Spike Ball


Spike Ball is an outdoor game that can also be played in a garage or gym. It’s family friendly and a fun way to spend an evening with family and/or friends.


7/ Golf


Indoor golf comes in many forms and is even fun for non-golfers. Check with your local sports bar for what they offer.


8/ Mini Golf


Outdoor mini putt is more popular but indoor courses can be found in specialty businesses and arcades. Great activity for a first date or a night out with friends.


9/ Bowling


Bowling is always fun to play whether you play in a league or for an afternoon.


10/ Pickleball


Pickleball seems to be all the rage right now. Check your community center listings for pickup games and leagues. It’s an inclusive community for all ages.

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