Change your lifestyle to change how your body ages.


We have the potential to live longer and healthier than ever before. So it is completely possible to maintain your Pilates body despite your biology. All it requires of you is some mindfulness, discipline and time because your lifestyle factors effect how your body ages.


Six factors that effect how your body ages:


1/ Maintain your Pilates practice no matter what happens in your life.


If you get injured or feel blue take your practice down a notch in terms of intensity and duration. You’ll still get the health benefits of maintaining a regular exercise program and recovery faster. Pilates is used by healthcare practitioners for that reason.


2/ Clean up your diet.


Creating a caloric deficit with exercise alone is really hard because most of us have responsibilities that need to be attended to during the day. Assess your diet and make small changes over time that take you in a healthier direction.


3/ Develop a regular sleep schedule.


Your body needs 7-9 hours of uninterrupted time to rest and repair. Make sleep as much of a priority as your job or other priorities in your life. Keep busy during the day, establish a nighttime routine and wake at the same time each morning.


4/ Build movement into your day.


The shelter-in-place orders likely translated into more sitting than prior years so find ways to add movement back into your day. Go for a morning coffee, walk to the grocery store, take up a new hobby or game, go shopping rather than ordering online, go to a museum or clean your home more frequently. 


If you’ve returned to the office already, try walking to/from work, walking meetings, stretch breaks and lunch hour workouts. Drink more water so that you have to take more bathroom breaks throughout the day.


5/ Give your body time.


Forget mantras like “No pain. No gain” and instead be kind and patient with your body. There is no magical pill or secret to maintaining a healthy body. The medical guidance is the same for each stage of life. Your lifestyle requires a little tweaking as your life changes and as your body changes.


6/ Set a new goal that engages your mind.


Your mind is as important as your body. Learn, do or experience something new. Goals add a richness to life and make the struggle worthwhile. Choose something compelling that makes you jump out of bed in the morning to start your day.

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