Community care focuses on prevention and healthy behaviors.


Healthcare is shifting to community care with a focus on prevention and healthy behaviors rather than medical treatment.


If you’re concerned about the shift to community care, don’t be because there is good reason for it. The shift is being driven by research that suggests health and wellbeing is less about genetics and medical care and is more about Masslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.


Determinants of Health


Only 20% of your health and wellbeing is the result of your genetics and health care services. The main determinants of your health and wellbeing are related to your ability to continue contributing to society in a meaningful way and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


Five determinants of health


1/ Genes/Biology – 10%
2/ Clinical Care – 10%
3/ Physical Environment – 10%
4/ Health Behavior – 30%
5/ Socio-Economic – 40%


Community care contributes to wellbeing and healthy aging 


Researchers have defined healthy aging to mean “the process of developing and maintaining the functional ability that enables wellbeing in older age.” That basically means that you should continue living and reinventing yourself as you age to help sustain your own wellbeing.


As a society, there are things that need to be done now to facilitate the shift to community care. Changes to education, employment, cities and more are needed to support the shift. The most important change is your mindset toward aging and retirement. Many of us will not be retiring at the same age as our parents.


Five functional abilities for sustained wellbeing


1/ Functional strength for mobility.
2/ Opportunities to learn, grow and make decisions.
3/ Financial resources to meet essential needs.
4/ Ability to build and maintain relationships.
5/ Opportunities to contribute to the lives of others.


In short, the best thing you can do for your health and wellbeing is to focus on prevention and healthy behaviors. Keep an eye out for opportunities in your community to support you.

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