Tips to help you find love and to keep your love alive.

Valentines Day is almost here again. It’s the one time of year that you probably put a little more thought into your love life.

Heart Openers

It’s something that I’ve been thinking about due to the number of “heart opening” classes that I’ve been teaching in the last few weeks. In Pilates, we don’t generally think about heart opening or chakras.

Instead we focus on conditioning the body in a way that strengthens and lengthens the postural muscles needed to open the chest and sustain good posture. However, we recognize the mind body connection even if we don’t speak to it in more romantic terms.

With that said, I thought it would be fun to write a post about love since Valentines Day is right around the corner.

Get the Guy [or keep the guy interested]

Matthew Hussey wrote the NY Times best selling book called Get the Guy. You can also find interviews with him on YouTube that are pretty funny if you need some encouragement or just a little laugh.

Three tips if you’re looking for love or struggling to keep your love alive

1/ What and Why

What questions are most frequently on a date but why questions reportedly reveal more about the person. What represents the intellectual and why represents the emotional part of the person.

2/ Be High Value

People seek out a mate that they perceive to be high value. If you want to attract or continue to be with someone high value, you have to be high value too. 

Continually invest time in your own development. You’ll become an interesting person and keep the other person interested in you too. Reportedly, it’s similar to the stimulation of an unfinished Rubic’s cube.

3/ Youthful

People are not necessarily looking for someone young but they want to be with someone who is youthful. Youthful speaks to your spirit not your age.


If you’re looking for love, make sure you put yourself in places that make it easy to find love. Online dating is a good place to start during the Covid pandemic. When the social distancing restrictions lift, get out to the shops, restaurants and other places that draw in a crowd to meet people in real life. The main point is to put yourself out there.

Dating starts with a simple conversation and gives you an opportunity to learn more over time. Cut things off early if you discover red flags rather than wasting your time.

Matthew’s three tips for dating

1/ Do something fun

2/ Enjoy the experience 

3/ Be confident

Questions to keep your date lighthearted and fun

1/ Favorite movie and why.

2/ Favorite place in the world and why.

3/ Something new you learned.

4/ Bucket list item.

5/ Character revealing item.

6/ What makes you in demand.


If you can’t decipher the texts that follow, get his tips for texting. Matthew has nine texts that you can reportedly cut and copy to playfully respond to any text.

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