Creating a studio experience at home will turn your workout time into something that you enjoy.

More and more studios and other vendors are videotaping classes so that you can do the workouts at home. Augmenting your workout routine with an online class is definitely a cheaper and a more convenient option if you have the intrinsic motivation to workout on your own and have the space to do it.

Plus mind body workouts such as Pilates and yoga are practices that should be done regularly to develop or maintain proficiency in the discipline. Developing a home practice gives you the opportunity go at your own pace and go deeper into the discipline with advanced workouts and tutorials.

How much space do you need?

To some degree it depends on your height because many exercises require lateral movement or are done in a prone position with your hands stretched above your head. So pick a spot in your home and lay down in both directions to test fit. Ideally, the spot shouldn’t require you to move furniture or at least as little as possible. The more work you have to do to ready the space, the less likely you are to workout.

How to pick a video vendor?

Unless you are already hooked on a specific workout and/or teacher, pick a vendor that offers different lengths, different styles, different instructors and different levels of workouts. Little things like the instructor’s voice and pace matter when it comes to your overall experience. If you don’t like one, don’t get turned off. Keep going until you find some instructors and workouts that you enjoy.

What props and equipment to buy?

Speaking from experience a thin mat can wreak havoc on a boney tailbone and create a medical concern. The mat is one thing that you should not skimp on especially if you have hardwood floors or similar hard surface.

Add to your props and equipment over time to keep your workouts interesting and challenging.


Equipment and Props

These are all things that we use now and that you can purchase from Amazon by clicking on the links in blue.

  1. thick exercise mat to cushion your boney parts during floor work. 
  2. yoga mat to use alone when practicing yoga and under your exercise mat for Pilates etc. 
  3. roller to give yourself a little massage after a long day or hard workout. 
  4. light weights to strengthen and tone your body. 
  5. resistance bands to strengthen and tone your body whether your at home or on the road.
  6. ball to do barre and certain Pilates exercise designed to strengthen your core and open your chest.


A girl needs to dream or at least contemplate whether a dining room table is really necessary. If space is not an issue, here’s some Pilates equipment to consider adding to your home studio.

  1. Reformer: The reformer is probably one of the best pieces of equipment for creating beautiful long lean muscles.
  2. Chair: Not as versatile as the reformer but a great way to add more resistance training to your workouts.
  3. Springboard: One of the trainers we work with loves this piece for it’s small footprint and versatility. The only downside is that it needs to be mounted to the wall.


There are plenty of vendors to choose from and most provide at least a 7 day free trial and are fairly inexpensive ($10-25/mo). If that’s too much, there are good free workouts too. 

  1. Pilates Anytime: Lately we’re hooked on workouts by Tracey Mallet: Functional Intensity Training, Booty Barre and Bikini Body which you can purchase rather than paying the monthly fee.
  2. Yoga Anytime: Sign up for the free trial and then it’s $18/mo. 
  3. Grokker: Sign up for the free trial and then it’s $14.99/mos. Grokker offers a wider variety of workouts. 


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