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Only 9% of those who set New Year resolutions realize their goals. That’s why I created The Achievable Plan. It’s the culmination of years of research and lived experience. 

Why you should get The Achievable Plan?


Starting anew, whether it be a new year or a new chapter of your life, requires a good plan. The Guide has everything you need to get started. It contains insights from a number of best selling authors on happiness, work-life balance, design thinking and rules for thriving in an increasingly complex world. Plus exercises to help you turn insights into action so that you achieve your goals next year.


Think about how good it will feel when you: 


1/ Lose weight

2/ Exercise more

3/ Improve health

4/ Stop smoking

5/ Spend less, save more

6/ Eat healthier

7/ Get a better job

8/ Go back to school

9/ Increase family time

10/ Use time better

11/ Enjoy life

12/ Stop drinking

13/ Worry less

14/ Travel

15/ Achieve whatever goal is on your list this year.


Why will The Achievable Plan work for you?


The Achievable Plan will help you overcome the top three reasons why most people fail to achieve their resolutions. It will help you:


1/ Develop an achievable plan

The guide will step you through the process of creating a vision that aligns with your values, goals that are achievable and personalized rules that are easy to implement into your daily life.


2/ Stay focused on your priorities

The planner will help you design your day so that you have the time needed to focus on achieving your goals.


3/ Adapt your plan 

The planner will help you assess what’s working and what’s not working so that you can make timely changes and continuously progress towards your goals. Progress leads to success.


What you get with The Achievable Plan


1/ Step by step process

Step by step guidance for developing a plan to achieve your New Year resolutions and/or start a new chapter of your life.


2/ Insights to overcome work-life challenges

Insights for how to overcome common work-life balance challenges and other obstacles so that you live the full span of your life well. 


3/ Proven frameworks

Learn how to apply the frameworks for success while you create your plan so that you create an achievable plan for your new year resolutions or next chapter of life.   


4/ Daily planner

Use the daily planner for putting your plan into action and continuously improving upon it so that you achieve your goals. 


Start your plan today!


Get The Guide today to start your plan now. Then use the Daily Planner to achieve your New Year resolutions. Subscribe to Shannon Smith Living below for updates and the latest insights.

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