Movement and connection generate a natural high.


It takes some extra motivation during the winter but movement and connection will lift your spirits. Try some of these ideas to get moving and enjoying life.


Six simple ideas to enhance your mind and body


1/ Walk to your local coffee shop in the mornings.


Get your step count off to a good start with a morning walk to your local coffee shop. You might be surprised by the community connections that develop by just maintaining a regular routine. For an added mental boost, invite a friend or colleague to meet you.


2/ Schedule an hour lunch break into your day.


Step away from your desk and get out of your home during lunch a few days a week. Schedule a fitness class or meet a friend for a healthy lunch so that you look forward to the break. Both will help boost your energy and make your afternoon more productive.


3/ Take an evening stroll to explore different neighborhoods.


Explore the different neighborhoods in your city. It’s always fun to see how things are evolving and to discover new shops and restaurants. Stop for a nightcap, a desert or a game of darts. You might bump into someone you already know or meet a new friend or two.


4/ Run errands on the weekend and take in an exhibit.


Make a day of your errands on the weekend and take in an exhibit while you’re out. It’s a good opportunity to use your museum memberships or ignite your creativity with a special exhibit. Join a guided tour or invite a friend to enhance the experience.


5/ Invite a friend over to play games.


Play cards, board games, pool, pingpong or whatever else you have available. The games don’t have to be sophisticated or elaborate to get the mental benefits of play. Regular play will boost your creativity and problem solving skills. Plus you’ll likely share a laugh or two which is always good for your mental health.


6/ Walk a dog


If you don’t have a dog of your own, offer to walk your friend’s, neighbor’s or volunteer to walk shelter dogs. Dogs give so much unconditional love and provide a way to connect with others in your community.

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