New programs to trade or recycle your worn gear.


With extra time spent at home during the last year plus, your workout gear has likely gotten extra wear. If you’re tired of wearing the same tights but hanging onto them to avoid adding to landfill, you’ll be delighted to learn about these new solutions.


Several fitness brands now have offerings so that you can either exchange your gently used items or have your worn items properly recycled.


Three brands offering trade-in and recycling programs:


1/ Lululemon: Like New


Lululemon gear wears well for years and the company has always offered repairs to extend the life of your gear.


The Like New program by Lululemon enables customers to sell back gently used items for store credit. If items are too worn, they will be properly recycled. The program is only available in 80 stores in California and Texas but the company will likely expand the program. Watch for updates. 


2/ Patagonia: Worn Wear


Similar to Lululemon, Patagonia makes quality products and offers repairs to extend the useful life of their clothing. The company has gone the extra mile to reduce environment impact through climate advocacy and product research and development. 


The Worn Wear offering enables customers to sell back gently worn clothes for credit. If you have growing kids or want to refresh your gear, you’ll value this program. Knowing your items will be loved by someone else while getting credit towards your new items is a win-win.


3/ Nike: Shoe Recycling


Whether you wear Nike shoes or not, you can still recycle your shoes with Nike. You won’t get credit for your worn shoes but knowing your worn items are being properly recycled will give you peace of mind. That alone is worth the effort to visit a company store.


Other retailers may have recycling programs too. It’s worth checking in with them because if they don’t have it now, they will likely have one soon. Consumers are becoming more environmentally conscious.


Other resources:


1/ Low Impact Brands


There is an increasing number of sustainable fitness brands for you to explore at different price points. Hopefully a sign that recycling programs are making an impact.


2/ Resell Shops


If a recycling program isn’t available near you, secondhand shops will pay for gently used popular fitness brands. Search “secondhand store near me” for locations.

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