Correct imbalances to improve your balance.


Pilates helps to improve your balance by correcting imbalances. Imbalances are often the result of the overdeveloped muscles compensating for weak ones and/or tight muscles that limit the range of your joints and/or limb. So if your balance is off, it could be that you have muscle imbalances.


Five ways Pilates improves your balance


1/ Builds a strong foundation


Most Pilates classes include stretching and strengthening exercises for your feet so that you have a stable foundation to support movement. The exercises are often integrated into full body movements but some classes include targeted exercises for the feet as well. 


2/ Promotes full range of motion


Pilates classes include both targeted stretches and full body integrated exercises to lengthen all of the muscles in your body. A regular Pilates practice helps to maintain the full range of your joints and limbs especially as you age.


3/ Develops strong limbs


In addition to releasing and stretching tight muscles, Pilates exercises are designed to strengthen and tone your limbs through both targeted and full body integrated exercises. The combination of exercises helps practitioners develop long lean muscle.


The long lean muscles that result from a regular practice are highly desired by dancers, actresses and many others. However, Pilates is also integrated into physical therapy because it is an effective and safe way to restore strength and promote balanced muscle development after an injury or illness.


4/ Strengthens your core


The Pilates method is best known for strengthening the core muscles. Joseph Pilates, the founder of the Pilates method, likened a strong supple core to the fountain of youth because it’s essential for mobility. The definition of a strong core in Pilates extends beyond six pack abs to include everything in the box from your shoulders to your pelvis. That’s why a variety of targeted and full body integrated exercises are included in the practice to help you build a strong supply core.


5/ Improves functional movement


Functional movements such as walking require strength and good coordination. The Pilates principles for movement combined with the exercises improve functional movement. A regular Pilates practice trains your body to move well without having to think about it. That alone will improve your balance and reduce your risk of falling. Most people fall because they think about falling.


Longevity researchers have also found that simple sit to stand exercises routinely done in Pilates classes help to build the strength needed to preserve independence as you age.

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