Get our tips to make starting a new workout routine easier whether you are an athlete trying something new or new to working out.

Everyone has a routine to their life so trying something new is never easy even if it is just a workout. We’ve been trying a lot of new workouts lately and have developed a really good appreciation for what it’s like to be a newbie.  We’d like to share some of our tips for getting started whether you are an athlete trying something new or new to working out.

Pick Your Start Day: Pick a time when you’re more likely to feel relaxed.  Maybe hump day when the better part of the week is already behind you and you can breath a little easier or the end of your work week and the beginning of your “you time”.  We’ll talk more about “you time” another time.

Be Prepared: Complete the paperwork online or show up with the printed version completed.  It saves everyone time.

Show Up Early: Show up for a new workout about 15 minutes early. It will give you a chance to put your stuff down or away, get oriented to the space and get some tips so that you know what to expect by the time the workout starts. 

Focus on the Form: Most workouts are mixed level so going during non-peak times is great if you can swing it.  The classes are generally smaller and instructors have more time to correct your form and help you get the most from the exercises.  If different levels are offered, don’t be too proud to start with the first level.  Getting the form right will help you realize the benefits of the workout and keep you injury free.  

Modify the Exercise: Doing the full expression of a pose or movement before your body is ready is a recipe for injury.  Most exercises can be easily modified so that you get the benefit without the bad kind pain. Talk with the instructor prior to class for some suggestions especially if you have an injury or other medical condition.  

Pick a Deal: Don’t make a decision of whether to continue on your first experience.  Like many other things in life, your first time is likely not going to be your best experience.  So give yourself a chance and pick a new client or member deal.  Do the workout 10 times before you make a decision about whether or not you like it especially if it is a type of workout you’re interested in.

Get the Gear: Half the battle is having the gear that makes you feel good during the activity.  You don’t want to be flashing your private parts, wearing shoes that hurt or dying of thirst during a really sweaty workout.  Get the basics to start so that you feel confident walking in and then invest in more when you’re hooked.  

If you’re experienced in a certain type of workout and you see a newbie in your class, be sure to say Hello.  A simple gesture like saying Hello can make their first experience a positive one.  Who knows…you might just meet a new friend too.


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