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I started writing the blog before completing Pilates teacher training. That’s why there is so much content. So I’d like to take a moment now to explain what you can find, how the blog is organized and how the information can help you live a SSWELL LIFE. 


The blog is organized according to the Designing your Life compass. If you haven’t read the book, it’s a good one to read no matter what stage of life you’re in now. The compass will help identify areas of your life that need attention and/or help you think about what you want to do next.

Feel more Balanced

Unlike other life planning methods, it only has four quadrants that are easy to remember: Play [Fun], Health, Work and Life. Design thinking is an iterative approach to enhancing each area of your life. Tips from the blog will help you keep all sections of your compass inflated so that you feel more balanced.


The articles reflect events that are happening, things that I am thinking about and researching as well as advances in medicine and healthcare.

I am a healthcare consultant with professional relationships in the US medical community. Physicians and complimentary care providers [chiropractors and acupuncturists] have contributed their expertise to health related posts. As the science evolves, I often refresh older content or write an updated article to keep the information current. 

Guest Posts

If you want to contribute your expertise or write a guest post, please email me using the form below. I am open to hearing your ideas and learning more about what you do. Please be sure to provide a brief description of the topic, your name and credentials and a link to your website or professional profile. I will review it and follow up with you.


Due to the amount of spam, comments are not enabled on the blog. Please use the contact form to share your feedback. Articles are shared to our social sites where comments are allowed. Click the links on the bottom banner to follow us on your favorite social media platform. 

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