How to slim down and maintain a healthy weight.


If you’re struggling to slim down and maintain a healthy weight, these five tips will help you figure out how to improve your diet. 



1/ Start your day with a glass of water or two and then a healthy breakfast. 


According to Harvard Health, people who start their day drinking a glass of water consume 21% fewer calories. Additionally, people who eat breakfast are more likely to maintain a healthy weight.



2/ Eat and joy your food.


If you need to follow a diet, look for one based on the Mediterranean diet. A true Mediterranean diet includes:




-Whole grains

-Beans and Legumes

-Nuts and Seeds

-Healthy Fats


If desired, incorporate high quality animal proteins sparingly and if you choose to eat fish, eat a wide variety to help with sustainability. 


Experimenting with different ethnic foods and herbs will keep your diet fresh and interesting. Head to the farmer’s and fish markets for ideas and the freshest ingredients. Fresh ingredients requires less cooking and eating foods in season is less expensive. The markets are also a nice place for a brunch date.



3/ Some snacking is fine as long as you choose wisely.


Women should limit snacks to one per day and men two per day. My healthy snacks include:


– Nuts and seeds with a few raisons 

– Banana, apple or celery with peanut butter

– Dark chocolate with strawberries

Chia Seed pudding with berries

– Hummas and veggies

– Warm olives



4/ Listen to your stomach so that you can tell the difference between hunger and a craving.


Your fat cells release a hormone called Leptin that triggers your cravings. Unfortunately, the craving signals are usually for salt, sugar and unhealthy fats contained in ultra processed foods. 


The hormones in your stomach called Ghrelin will trigger you to eat food that your body needs. If you eat when your hunger signals start, you’ll eat less than if you wait.



5/ Overcome your cravings.


There is nothing wrong with an occasional treat as long as it doesn’t become a daily habit. 


If you have regular cravings: drink some water, make a nice cup of herbal tea, chew some gum, do a chore, brush your teeth or do an “exercise snack”.  Be sure to subscribe to the Pilates & YouTube channel for exercise snacks.

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